Effective May 25, 2018

ESTsoft Inc., d.b.a. Play This Game ("ESTsoft Inc." or "we" or "our") respects your privacy and is committed to protecting the Personal Information (defined below) that you may provide us while using our websites (the "Site" as further defined below). Your use of the Site is subject to your agreement to the terms of this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") and our Terms of Use.

This Privacy Policy sets forth the basis on which any Personal Information that you provide to us, or that we collect from you, will be processed by us and is intended to provide you with notice of the following:

- Websites Governed by the Privacy Policy
- Your Privacy Rights
- Our Policies Concerning Children
- What "Personal Information" We Collect from You
- What Non-Personal Information We Collect from You
- Information on Cookies and Related Technology
- How We Use and Share the Information that We Collect from You
- Information about Links and Third Parties Related to the Site
- How You May Access, Change or Delete the Information You Have Provided to Us
- Other Important Agreements that Govern Your Use of the Site
- Information for Persons Outside the United States
- How Secure is My Personal Information Collected

By using the Site, you signify your assent to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not use this site. This Privacy Policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically to ensure that you are aware of any changes. If we make a material change to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by posting the change on the Site or in this Privacy Policy and, if necessary, provide you with additional choices regarding such change. All changes to the Privacy Policy will be effective when posted. Your continued use of the Site will signify your acceptance of these changes.


We currently operate the website located at, including all of its sub-sites and all software, products, features, games and services made available, displayed, or offered by or through our website or sub-sites (collectively, the "Site"). In addition, we own many other game-specific (e.g. and/or content-specific "sub-sites" of the Site, and these sub-sites are also considered part of the Site for purposes of this Privacy Policy. From time to time, we may add new sub-sites to the Site that may not initially be listed above, but such sub-sites will provide a link to and will be governed by this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

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As further discussed in this Privacy Policy, we may from time to time provide you with the opportunity to receive information about products and services offered by ESTsoft Inc. and/or our third party marketing affiliates. You can prevent future disclosures of your Personal Information to us and/or third parties for their direct marketing purposes, at no charge, by exercising your "opt out" rights through any of the means described below:

You can send an email expressly making such request to: ESTsoft Inc. Inc., Attention: 1422 Edinger Ave. Suite 230, Tustin, CA 92780, or [email protected]

You can access your user profile and modify your privacy preferences by opting-out of direct marketing communications from ESTsoft Inc. and/or our third party marketing affiliates, or

Upon receipt of any electronic marketing communication from us, you can click on a link on the bottom of such communication to "unsubscribe" to any future marketing communications from us.

In the event that you contact us with a specific request or "opt in" to ESTsoft Inc. communications, including but not limited to participating in services, events, sweepstakes, contests and/or promotions, after choosing to opt out, we reserve the right, in ESTsoft Inc.'s sole and absolute discretion, to transmit communications to you as necessary. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that such communications will be limited to the scope of your request and/or the subject matter of your "opt in." You hereby acknowledge that it is your responsibility to renew your "opt out" request after you choose to "opt in" as set forth above.

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Because our Sites are not directed to children under the age of 13, ESTsoft Inc. does not provide memberships to persons under age 13. If you are under the age of 13, you may not create an account on the Site, you may not sign up for any subscription service or buy anything through our online store, and you are not eligible to enter any of our sweepstakes or promotions.

Except as may be required by law, ESTsoft Inc. will not knowingly collect, maintain, or disclose any personal information from children under the age of 13.


If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, please let your parent or guardian know about this Privacy Policy and get his or her permission before you give us any of your personal identifiable information, before you use any of our message board, in-game chat message or social chat features, before you sign up for any online cash shop game services, and before you buy anything from our online store.

Don't post your real name on a web site, forum or message board, and never tell anyone online anything private about yourself or your family, including your phone number and/or address. Use screen names and not real names at all times.

If you win a sweepstakes that has a prize, your parent or guardian will have to mail or fax us a signed note at the address or fax number listed in the rules for the specific contest that says it was OK for you to enter, and tells us they will accept the prize for you.

Some areas of the Site may have special rules for children under the age of 18. When you are in those areas, you must follow those rules.


If you are a parent or guardian who has discovered that your child has submitted his or her personal information without your permission or consent, ESTsoft Inc. will take reasonable steps to remove that information from the ESTsoft Inc. database at your request. Please contact us immediately at [email protected]

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Personal Information is information that directly or indirectly identifies a particular individual, such as your name (first and surname together), email address, postal address and/or phone number; visitors purchasing products or services will be required to provide additional information such as a valid credit card number, expiration date and shipping and billing addresses (collectively, "Personal Information"). ESTsoft Inc. only collects personal information on a voluntary basis. (e.g. through interaction or registration with the Site).

If you decide to provide us your Personal Information, it will generally take the form of either: (1) account or product registration, or registration for online game participation, (2) the purchase of goods or services through our online store (including the purchase of in-game digital items ("Cash Shop Items")), (3) message boards or forums, (4) newsletters, (5) e-cards or Find-a-Friend emails, (6) contest registrations, (7) customer service or technical support, (8) consumer complaint(s), and (9) surveys. We will only collect the Personal Information which is needed to fulfill your requests and/or our legitimate business objectives, as set out in this Privacy Policy, and we will keep it no longer than is necessary to fulfill such purposes and objectives. If you refuse to divulge your Personal Information when requested, and the disclosure of such Personal Information is indicated as being required (rather than voluntary), you may not be able to access certain functionality or areas of the Site (such as chat rooms and message boards).

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Typically you need to have an Account in order to receive emails from us, provided that you may receive email communications from us on a one-time basis if you have contacted us directly with regard to a specific request or for email newsletters. You can opt-out of receiving future marketing emails from us by following the directions contained in the email to "unsubscribe." Also, except in jurisdictions where it may be prohibited by law to do so, the Site or service offerings available thereon may allow you to submit information about other people. For example, we may offer "Send to a Friend" promotions, like electronic postcards available on the Site or through our newsletters. In these situations, you may provide the email address and, sometimes, the name of a friend. After the "Send to a Friend" transaction is completed, that information is deleted. We will not retain the recipient's email address for longer than necessary to complete the transmittal. In our communication to your friend in this circumstance, he or she will also be presented with an opportunity to "opt-out" from receiving future emails from us. You might also submit a person's name and other information if you purchase a gift and want to have it sent directly to the recipient. A record of that transaction will be maintained as allowed and/or required by law.

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ESTsoft Inc. provides certain content, online games (each a "Game") and/or services through the Site. Some areas of the Site may allow you to visit as a guest and remain anonymous, but you may not be able to access all the content and features of those areas without registering an account with us (e.g. in order to play our Games or purchase Game-related Virtual Items), additional information, such as your real name and billing information, will be required) (an "Account"). Important information regarding Account registration procedures and the security of your Account is set out in our Terms of Use.

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When you sign up to play one of our fee-based games or you make certain online purchases from us (including the purchase of any Game-related Virtual Items), we may also require that you provide us with the necessary billing information such as your real name, credit card or payment information, and shipping or billing address, so that we may provide the content, Game, Virtual Item(s), service, or product to you (according to the terms of the sale, including for example our Terms of Use and the End User License Agreement ("EULA") for such Game(s)). In order to resolve issues related to customer service, billing questions, technical and computer support, etc., we may also require you to provide us with some Personal Information so that we may resolve such issues properly.

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To participate in some of our sweepstakes, contests, surveys, and other promotions, you may be asked to provide additional Personal Information such as your mailing address. This information may be collected by ESTsoft Inc. or by third parties such as co-sponsors or vendors for the promotion. Potential winners may be required to provide additional Personal Information for the purpose of verifying eligibility and awarding prizes, and for tax purposes. ESTsoft Inc.'s use of any such information will be governed by this Privacy Policy. The names of third parties such as co-sponsors (other than vendors hired by us to conduct, administer, and execute a promotion on behalf of ESTsoft Inc.) will be disclosed to you when you are asked to sign up for the promotion. You should review such third parties' privacy policies to see how they may use any information that they collect.

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When you engage with our content on or through third party social networking websites, such as Facebook and/or Twitter (or third party social media plug-ins and applications), you may allow us to have access to certain information from the applicable social media profile, such as your name, e-mail address, photo, gender, birthday, location, your list of friends, people you follow and/or who follow you, the posts or the "likes" you make). By doing so, you consent to the use of this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. When you provide personal information to us in this manner, it may be publicly viewed by other members of the applicable social media websites and we cannot prevent further use of the information by third parties.

Through some social networking websites' privacy settings, you can control the data you share. For more information about how social networking websites handle your personal information, please refer to their privacy policies and terms of use.


When you play any of the Games offered and/or served by ESTsoft Inc., or use any of the communication features on the Site, your internet protocol address (the unique number assigned to your server or internet service provider)(your "IP Address") from which you access any of the above may be stored in our records. ESTsoft Inc. may track such IP addresses for system administration, to report aggregate information, site tracking, security purposes, or to prevent our servers from being abused.

When any Game is updated or "patched," our patch routine may check your computer to see that you have the most recent version of Game-specific files; when you communicate within any Game or any other communication feature within the Site (e.g. live chat, instant message services and the like), even "privately" to another person, you do so with the understanding that those communications go through our servers, you expressly agree to waive any rights of confidentiality that you may have in and to your communications (if any) when using any of the Site's communication features, you agree you have no expectation of privacy in any of those communications and, accordingly, and where and to the extent permitted by applicable law, you expressly consent to monitoring of communications (including technical support and customer service communications) that you send and receive. When you log in to one of our Games, your system specifications (such as OS, RAM, video card, monitor, system configuration, crash data etc.) may be reviewed/recorded by us for the purposes of analyzing and optimizing your Game experience and in order to provide you with customer service.

Please take note that information you post to the public areas of our Site, which includes but is not limited to, message boards, forums, chat rooms, and/or profiles, if applicable, will be displayed publicly and we cannot prevent further use of the information by third parties.

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Please note that, when running, some Games may monitor your computer's random access memory ("RAM"), media access control ("MAC") address, configuration files and system files, etc., for unauthorized third party programs running concurrently with your Game which, in ESTsoft Inc. ‘s sole determination: (i) enable or facilitate cheating of any type; (ii) allow users to modify or hack the applicable Game interface, environment, and/or experience in any way not expressly authorized by ESTsoft Inc.; or (iii) intercept, "mine" or otherwise collect information from or through the applicable Game (an "Unauthorized Third Party Program"). In the event that a Game detects an Unauthorized Third Party Program, (a) the Game may communicate information back to ESTsoft Inc., including without limitation your Account username, details about the Unauthorized Third Party Program detected and the activities or functions performed thereby, and/or details about your computer, and/or (b) ESTsoft Inc. may exercise any or all of its rights and remedies under this Agreement or the applicable Game EULA without prior notice to the user linked to such Unauthorized Third Party Program.

You acknowledge that any and all data that is stored and is resident on our servers, and any and all communications that you make within the Site or any Games (including, but not limited to, messages solely directed at another player or group of players) traverse through our servers, may or may not be monitored by us or our agents (to the extent permitted by applicable law), you have no expectation of privacy in any such communications and expressly consent to such monitoring of communications you send and receive. You expressly agree to waive any rights of confidentiality that you may have in and to your communications (if any) when using any of the Site's communication features, you agree you have no expectation of privacy in any of those communications and, accordingly, and you expressly consent to such monitoring of communications (including technical support and customer service communications) that you send and receive.

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Please note that, as mentioned elsewhere in this Privacy Policy and/or in our Terms of Use and/or on the Site itself, ESTsoft Inc. may collect from you Personal Information relating to certain third parties, such as your parents, other family members, friends, etc. ("Indirect Personal Information"). Except as provided by applicable laws and/or as described in this Privacy Policy, you will not give any such Indirect Personal Information to us and/or any to third-party without the relevant third party's consent.

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General, aggregated, demographic, and non-Personal Information may be collected by ESTsoft Inc.. This type of anonymous, aggregated profiling and session data may include information that you have provided to us through surveys, polls, etc., but will not be tied to any Personal Information (through cookies or other means), without your consent. It may also include aggregated anonymous information about website usage and the customer base.

As part of the registration process for some services, you may be asked to provide information that does not personally identify you. For example, you may be asked to provide information concerning your date of birth, country, entertainment preferences, purchasing habits, and the like. This information is generally optional, but where provided it may be included in your Account profile and you hereby consent to this information being tied to your Personal Information. ESTsoft Inc. requests this information to understand you better and to also bring to your attention new services, programs, or offers that may be of interest to you. Where ESTsoft Inc. automatically collects non-Personal Information as stated above, and it is possible to link this information to your Personal Information, you hereby consent to ESTsoft Inc. linking relevant non-Personal information to your Personal Information.

In many cases, ESTsoft Inc. will automatically collect certain non-Personal Information about your use of the Site. ESTsoft Inc. might collect, among other things, information concerning the type of Internet browser or computer operating system you are using, the domain name of your Internet service provider, your "click path" through the Site, and the website or advertisement that was linked to or from the Site when you visited. To do this, ESTsoft Inc. may use cookies and other technology (see below). In addition, your web browser or client software may transmit certain geographic information or information regarding your computer (capabilities, game data processing, etc.) to ESTsoft Inc.. ESTsoft Inc. may use this information to generate statistics about our user community and may provide such information to advertisers and/or our affiliates. ESTsoft Inc. may also use such information for security, system integrity (e.g. the prevention of hacking, cheats, etc.) or enforcement purposes. Your visits to the Site, and information provided through these technologies, will be anonymous unless you provide us with Personal Information or have provided such information in the past. For example, if you've created an Account, your Account information (including email address, and billing and shipping information) may be linked to the items you purchased at our online store (i.e., purchase order history).

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The Site, and some services and advertisements displayed or made available thereon, may contain "cookies." Cookies are a feature of your web browser which allows websites to transfer bits of information to your computer for recordkeeping purposes. A cookie stored on your computer can be used to "remember" things such as your password or that you have already registered an Account. This enables us to accelerate your future activities, saving the time that you would otherwise spend entering information such as your registration or password.

ESTsoft Inc. (itself or through a third party service) also employs a software technology called clear gifs (also known as "web beacons") that helps us better manage content on our Site by informing us what content is effective. Clear gifs are tiny graphics with a unique identifier, similar in function to cookies, and are used to track the online movements of web users. In contrast to cookies, which are stored on a user's computer hard drive, clear gifs are imbedded invisibly on Site pages and are about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. These clear gifs are not tied to Personal Information. Technology and tools such as clear gifs assist in the delivery of cookies.

Our third party tracking service uses cookies and clear gifs to track non-personally identifiable information about visitors to our Site in the aggregate. They capture usage and volume statistics to help improve our Site. We have no access to or control of these third-party tracking utilities.

We also use clear gifs in our HTML-based e-mails to let us know which e-mails have been opened by recipients. This allows us to gauge the effectiveness of certain communications and the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. For this reason, these types of clear gifs are tied to Personal Information.

Cookies can either be permanent (i.e., they remain on your computer until you delete them) or temporary (i.e., they last only until you close your browser). Certain cookies are required to allow or facilitate electronic communications or are necessary to allow the provision of online services at the request of the user. On their own, cookies or related technologies do not contain or reveal any Personal Information but can be combined with and used to process Personal Information. Personal Information collected through the use of these technologies will be collected, stored and processed according to this Privacy Policy.

ESTsoft Inc. (itself or through a third party service) uses cookies, clear gifs, frames, server log analysis and other technology to:

enable you to move around the Site and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the website;

collect information about how you use our Site, estimate our audience size and usage patterns, and improve how our Site works;

store information about your preferences, so as to allow us to customize your experience with the Site and its sub-sites;

to speed up your searches;

recognize you when you return to our site;

retrieve information for promotional, marketing or security purposes; and

collect information about your browsing habits in order to make advertising relevant to you and your interests.

By using our Site, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device and/or use clear gifs.

Most internet browsers will allow you to erase cookies from your computer hard drive, block acceptance of cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. You should refer to your browser instructions or "Help" screen to learn more about how to manage cookies. Please note, however, that if you block cookies, some portions of the Site may not function properly.

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Personal Information which we collect for a particular purpose will only be saved and used for that purpose, unless you have agreed to allow us to use it for some other purpose, as described in this Privacy Policy. For example, if you make an online purchase from us, unless you have given us permission to do otherwise, we will only collect and save the Personal Information you provided to us, including your billing and delivery information, in order to (1) complete the sale, (2) comply with tax and other applicable statutes, (3) maintain accurate business and financial records (in accordance with accepted standards), and (4) assist with customer service and returns.

We may use the Personal Information we collect from you to enable us to:

provide you with technical support, customer service, and Account maintenance;

learn what you like and tailor your experience accordingly;

to improve the Site and its sub-sites and our other products and services;

provide services or products you request;

allow you to participate in or use the ESTsoft Inc. communication features;

allow you to play one of our fee-based games, or free games and download any other game;

allow you to benefit from any other services, as the case may be, such as sweepstakes, contests and promotions;

manage your Account and respond to your potential orders, requests and online purchases;

inform you of any changes made to the Site and its sub-sites; and

Inform you of products, services, promotions and offers which you may find interesting.

If you do not want us to use your Personal Information in this way, or to pass your details on to third parties for marketing purposes, you can "opt-out" in the manner discussed under "Your Privacy Rights" set forth in this Privacy Policy.

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Where and to the extent required by the applicable laws, you hereby expressly consent to your Personal Information being shared with or otherwise transferred by ESTsoft Inc. to third parties.

When you have provided Personal Information to us for a particular purpose, we may disclose your information to other companies that we have engaged to assist us in fulfilling your request and who we subject to confidentiality requirements. This may include, but is not limited to, fulfillment houses, billing services, transaction managers, credit verification services, and other third party service providers. We may also disclose any of your Personal Information to law enforcement or other appropriate third parties in connection with criminal investigations, investigation of fraud, infringement of intellectual property rights, or other suspected illegal activities, or as otherwise may be required by applicable laws, or, as we deem necessary in our sole discretion, in order to protect the rights, property or safety of ESTsoft Inc., our customers or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations for the purposes of fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

We will also provide your Personal Information to third party processors so that it can be administered and processed for the purposes notified to you in the Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use and we may also share details with third parties (such as auditors or legal advisors) in order to obtain professional advice. Any such processing will be governed by an agreement in the form required by applicable laws, preserving any and all of your statutory data protection rights.

Except as described in this policy, we will not give any of your Personal Information to any third party without your express approval, and the only Personal Information we will request to share with third parties is your name, mailing address and email address. If you do not want us to share your Personal Information with third parties, you can "opt out" in the manner discussed under "Your Privacy Rights" set forth on the first page of this Privacy Policy. We sometimes share general, demographic, or aggregated non-Personal Information with third parties about our user base, but that information does not include any Personal Information.

You will be deemed to have consented to the disclosure to, and use by, a subsequent owner or operator of the Site, of any Personal Information contained in the ESTsoft Inc. database for such site, if ESTsoft Inc. or one of its companies assigns all of its rights and obligations regarding the use of your Personal Information at the time of a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, sale of all or substantially all of the Site's assets to a subsequent owner or operator, or similar event.

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You have the right to access information held about you by ESTsoft Inc.. Your right of access can be exercised in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected online by ESTsoft Inc. through the site, as maintained by ESTsoft Inc. and affiliated companies that ESTsoft Inc. may own or control. From time to time, we may provide links to third party websites. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third party websites, whether we provide a link to such sites or not, so we encourage you to review the policies of all such sites carefully, as your rights will be governed by those third party policies and not by ESTsoft Inc.'s. Additionally, there may be unauthorized third party websites that may be providing links from their sites to the Site without our knowledge or control. We are not responsible for the content of any third party websites, expressly disclaim any statements or assertions made on such websites, and deny all liability associated with your use of, and the content on, such other sites or advertisements contained therein.

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At the time that you provide Personal Information, ESTsoft Inc. may give you the option of declining any future offers or information about new products, promotions or services. In addition, many of the mailings that ESTsoft Inc. may send you, such as newsletters, have procedures within them to cancel the receipt of any future promotional mailings.

Subject to security and privacy concerns (e.g., regarding your password and credit card number), you will have the ability to access, change, delete and/or update your information and communications preferences through your Account. If, for any reason, you are concerned with the way we are using your Personal Information, or would like to correct, request a copy, or request that we delete such Personal Information, please contact ESTsoft Inc. either by mail: 1422 Edinger Ave. Suite 230, Tustin, CA 92780, or [email protected] If you choose to have your Personal Information removed from our active databases, we will do so within a reasonable time after your request and we will take reasonable steps to ensure that your Personal Information is not used (except as may be required by law) by ESTsoft Inc. after your notification to us. Please note that the deletion of your data will lead to the termination of your Account and applicable services, and may require identity verification prior to deletion for your security.

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In addition to this Privacy Policy, your rights and obligations concerning the Site are governed by our Terms of Use, and where appropriate, the applicable terms of sale, the applicable Game's EULA, and other applicable policies, guidelines, FAQ's and requirements. When you sign up to use the Site and/or any of our services, please review such agreements carefully, as you must agree to be bound by each such agreement before you may use the Site and/or the relevant service.

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For persons in the European Union ("EU") as used herein, terms such as "Personal Information" refer to "personal data" as defined by the European General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and applicable local laws.

If you are a visitor from outside the United States, your personal data may be transferred to, stored at and processed within the United States (and/or other non- European Economic Area ("EEA") jurisdictions). Please note that the level of legal protection provided in the United States or other countries where the Site operates may not be as stringent as that under your country of residence. We will not collect any personal data from you unless you provide it voluntarily by providing us with your freely given specific and informed consent. By using the Site, you agree that we may transfer, store and process your personal data outside the EEA in connection with the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

In certain countries other than the United States, some of our online games and the services related thereto may be provided to you by third party distribution partners. To the extent that a third party distributor is providing services related to your Account, you understand and agree that each such distributor will collect and use your Personal Information in accordance with its own privacy policies (which you will have access to when you register to play). To the extent that ESTsoft Inc. collects or retains any of your Personal Information, its use will continue to be governed by the terms of this Privacy Policy.

For example, in EU countries, to the extent that third party publishers and distributors ("Third Party Distributors") are performing services related to your Account, we elect the applicable Third Party Distributor(s) as ESTsoft Inc.'s representative (as defined in the EU Data Protection Directive) in each such country with respect to the online games for which such Third Party Distributor(s) is the distributor and the related personal data collected for such game. All such Third Party Distributors must enter into an agreement with ESTsoft Inc. to maintain such personal data in accordance with their privacy policy, available on their website.

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Under California law, our customers that are California residents may request certain information regarding our disclosure of Personal Information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. As detailed above, we do not share our customers' Personal Information with unaffiliated third parties for direct marketing purposes without such customers' approval. If, at any time, you wish to opt out of having your Personal Information shared with third parties and/or receiving promotional materials from ESTsoft Inc. (via email or postal mail), you may contact us at: ESTsoft Inc 1422 Edinger Ave. Suite 230, Tustin, CA 92780, or by email at [email protected] Please indicate which publications or services you no longer wish to receive so that we may better address your needs.

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ESTsoft Inc. has made an effort to ensure that all information collected will remain secure and in its original form (i.e. free from any alteration). As such, access to all Personal Information is strictly controlled. When payment information is transmitted, for example, ESTsoft Inc. employs an industry standard security technology known as a secure-socket-layer ("SSL") encryption. Unless otherwise specified herein or on the Site where you make a purchase, credit card numbers are used only for payment processing and are not retained for marketing purposes. In addition, we will take reasonable steps to assure that third parties to whom we transfer any data will provide sufficient protection of Personal Information.

While ESTsoft Inc. takes reasonable precautions against possible breaches of the Site and customer databases, no website or Internet transmission is completely secure. Consequently, ESTsoft Inc. cannot and does not guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or other breaches will never occur, but we have in place reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect your Personal Information against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, or against unauthorized disclosure or access to the information we collect online. ESTsoft Inc. urges you to take steps to keep your Personal Information safe by memorizing your password or keeping it in a safe place (separate from your Account information), logging out of your user Account, and closing your web browser.

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Questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy are welcomed and should be addressed to:

Email: [email protected]

Mail: ESTsoft Inc. 1422 Edinger Ave. Suite 230, Tustin, CA 92780,

For non-English speaking users, please see our Terms of Use for further information about how to contact ESTsoft Inc.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 25, 2018.

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